Book Trailer for Sophomore Year – THE SHOOT!

After the amazing response to the trailer for Freshman Year, how could we not do one for Sophomore Year’s debut? I am incredibly lucky to have generous, talented friends in the film biz who were not only willing but super excited to get on board with making this project happen. Plus, we were an all-female crew – how cool is that??

Below are some pictures from behind the scenes. Galaxy-sized thanks to Katie Deutsch, Aldan Mackey, Carly Robins, Kadine Anckle, Jen Gsell, Ben Toht… and to everyone who lent us props!

Can’t wait to share the finished product with the world!

15919_1590888411143527_2277225614327375523_n (1) 1798609_1590888547810180_3140784865802993692_n1513781_1590888567810178_2949171725461542311_n  10898014_1590888521143516_6564793265841234482_n10424342_1590888394476862_5648922367791728744_n  10553438_1590888487810186_2286296287464532686_n 10906455_1590888444476857_358758002752419086_n 10906510_1590889431143425_2853744223495438764_n 10922479_1590888467810188_2124168011521881531_n 10926373_1590888507810184_3889168623293179540_n

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