I honestly never thought this day would actually arrive, but after a year of saying we were going to do it and then working on it and slacking off and finally, finally swearing to get it done… brilliant friends and director/producer/editors Carly Robins and Stacia Newcomb helped me bring this project to life. (These two ladies are also very talented voiceover artists themselves, by the way!) I hope you’ll check out the audio book – there’s a clip on the FY page for your listening pleasure – and let me... Read the Rest →


A piece I wrote is live on!! Yay!, a very cool website for girls, published a piece I wrote called “How To Move.” Super exited – check it out on their site here: HOW TO MOVE or read it below!     HOW TO MOVE First you have to get boxes – good sturdy boxes that can be packed nice and tight. One box for your fear, and one for your anger, and one for your excitement. That last one might be the smallest box right now, but that’s okay. It still needs to be taped up carefully and... Read the Rest →


SY on OiTNB Season 3!!

The new season of Orange is the New Black is finally here, and Red continues to be a loyal fan. In episode two, she shows off her latest book… Sophomore Year is Greek to Me!! Check it out! Pretty cool, huh? Tweet