“Breaking News: Sophomore Year Is Greek to Me is hilarious, charming, and gave me a serious case of wanderlust.” SARVENAZ TASH, author of Three Day Summer


“This is Zeitlin’s second hilarious young-adult novel, and similar to her first, the story revolves around the quirky struggles of a witty, independent high-school female. Zona’s voice is authentic and hilarious as she adapts to Greek culture, with some of the information coming through boxed “newspaper articles.” Readers will enjoy watching Zona mature despite her difficult situation. An entertaining, unique take on the coming-of-age tale.” —BOOKLIST


 “Zona Lowell is so full of heart, you will laugh with her when she laughs and cry with her when she cries, but most of all, you will want to wrap your arms around her and never let her go.”
ERIN McCAHAN, author of Love and Other Foreign Words


[Zona’s] wide-eyed observations of the argumentative, life-loving Greek people she meets perfectly illustrate just how transformative travel can be. Fans of Sarah Mlynowski, Stephanie Perkins and Louise Rennison will enjoy this squeaky-clean travel adventure about the strength of family and the power of new experiences.—KIRKUS REVIEWS 


“The novel is a whirlwind of nicely developed subplots… Zeitlin has created a welcoming and exciting read set half-way around the world from what most American high school sophomores experience.” —VOYA


“Sharp, hilarious, and possessed of decidedly un-sophomoric heart and wisdom, Meredith Zeitlin’s Sophomore Year is Greek to Me passes all its exams with flying colors.” BENNETT MADISON, author of September Girls


“With laugh out loud humor this story is a great read… I can’t get over how good this book was.”   —NIGHT OWL REVIEWS


“Reading Sophomore Year was like going on an adventure… I could go on and on about how wonderful this book is – the humor, the friendships, and the romance… Sophomore Year is a perfect example of why I love to read books with teenage characters. They have so much to look forward to… and a whole world to discover and experience. I loved it!”  —ACTIN’ UP WITH JOLI


Sophomore Year is Greek to Me… will have you smiling and laughing non-stop. Zona is hilarious and I think teens (and non-teens alike) will find her endearing and cute… A fun adventure abroad.” —BOOK BRIEFS


Sophomore Year is Greek to Me was an enjoyable, feel-good read. There’s a bit of everything: friendship, family drama, high school, a light romance, navigating through a foreign country… It’s one of those books that you read to get out of a reading funk because it’s very readable, witty, funny and charming, like a great Disney channel movie.”  MICHELLE AND LESLIE’S BOOK PICKS

“I loved that in this book Zona felt like an authentic teen – the kind that I was – driven to succeed in school, happy with her few close friends, and comfortable in her own skin… until suddenly she wasn’t at all. [This book] ran the gamut of emotions in the perfect way that a summertime book can.  I definitely would recommend this one to someone looking for a little bit of romance, a little bit of fun, some great scenery, but with a real focus on personal and family growth.”                                  —IREADTORELAX


“[Zona] is hilarious, goofy, serious, and you can just immediately identify with her. The serious issues and the non-stop humor all combine to make a wonderful, beautifully written story!”             —LARKIN’S BOOK BLOGGERS


“Zeitlin’s writing sparkles with the same wit, hilarity, and genuine emotion as her first release… If you enjoy exotic destinations, amazing sounding food, scrappy reporters, mean geese, fantastic writing, and stories about the strength of family, Sophomore Year is Greek to Me is definitely for you!” —MY SUMMER GIRL BOOKS


“One of my favorite parts of Freshman Year and Other Unnatural Disasters was the humor. I was so glad to see it again in Sophomore Year is Greek to Me… What I didn’t expect were the tears!”    —YA BIBLIOPHILE


“The perfect blend of quirky comedy & life lessons, Sophomore Year Is Greek to Me emphasizes the importance of family & of finding your place in the world…wherever you are.”                            —BOOKNUT 101


“Meredith Zeitlin’s Sophomore Year is Greek to Me is one of those perfect, light-hearted and seriously fun YA novels that, in my experience, don’t come around often enough… Zona always seems to be getting into some ridiculous situation or another… Whether she’s being attacked by birds or stranded with inappropriate footwear, there is never a dull moment.” —THE HIDING SPOT


“An ingenious tale about an American girl in a foreign country… Reading this was like eating a delicious Greek pastry at an outdoor cafe on a sunny afternoon.” THE MERCURY NEWS