New Project! This Is My Oath!

No, it’s not a YA book, but it is really important. We live in a time when a lot of already vulnerable communities and resources are being targeted by the incoming administration. I’ve been so lucky to join forces with a lot of concerned citizens, and we’ve created a website to help EDUCATE, DONATE, PARTICIPATE and COMMUNICATE about the issues we care about. The Inauguration is only two weeks away, so instead of the Oath of Office, we’re trying to get each person to take a personal oath. Will you?... Read the Rest →


OH, WHAT A NIGHT! (I know: lame prom-theme title. But it applies, I swear!)

The book launch party at Brooklyn’s Sky Gallery was a huge success and so much fun! From the Ancient Greece step and repeat to the delicious Greek food and drinks, we celebrated all things Greek and all things fun. I signed over 70 books and screened the fabulous book trailer (thanks to FalconHawk Productions for making it!) and read from Chapter 34 and spent time with so many awesome friends and colleagues in glorious 30-second increments. I’ll be honest – the soiree flew by in a blur. I had on... Read the Rest →


SY Debuts at #1 on Amazon!!!

Holy cow. I was stunned this morning to find SY listed as the number one new release on in teen books! What an amazing book birthday for Zona and her friends!!! Here’s a screenshot that you can barely see because I can’t figure out how to make it bigger with it getting all fuzzy! YAY! Tweet