I honestly never thought this day would actually arrive, but after a year of saying we were going to do it and then working on it and slacking off and finally, finally swearing to get it done… brilliant friends and director/producer/editors Carly Robins and Stacia Newcomb helped me bring this project to life. (These two ladies are also very talented voiceover artists themselves, by the way!) I hope you’ll check out the audio book – there’s a clip on the FY page for your listening pleasure – and let me... Read the Rest →


A piece I wrote is live on!! Yay!, a very cool website for girls, published a piece I wrote called “How To Move.” Super exited – check it out on their site here: HOW TO MOVE or read it below!     HOW TO MOVE First you have to get boxes – good sturdy boxes that can be packed nice and tight. One box for your fear, and one for your anger, and one for your excitement. That last one might be the smallest box right now, but that’s okay. It still needs to be taped up carefully and... Read the Rest →


SY in Seventeen Magazine’s Spring 2015 Entertainment Guide!!!

When I was a tween, Seventeen magazine was the resource for what was cool, period. If you didn’t have a subscription, you might as well just resign yourself to obscurity. There was no internet in those dark days, remember – there was MTV, your friends at school (tastemakers, to be sure), and Seventeen. Every month, locker collages would be updated with pages from the latest issue, hour-long phone calls would be placed to discuss the newest trends, and the results of love quizzes would be painstakingly considered during lunch at school. I... Read the Rest →


FY chosen for Rad NPR List

I guess it’s kind of old splendid news, but this is a new website so I can post about it if I want! So there. Anyway, Freshman Year and Other Unnatural Disasters was chosen as one of five books recommended for teen summer reads the year it came out. YAHOO! Here’s the link if you’re interested in checking out the article: NPR TOP FIVE LIST! Tweet


Book Trailer for Sophomore Year – THE SHOOT!

After the amazing response to the trailer for Freshman Year, how could we not do one for Sophomore Year’s debut? I am incredibly lucky to have generous, talented friends in the film biz who were not only willing but super excited to get on board with making this project happen. Plus, we were an all-female crew – how cool is that?? Below are some pictures from behind the scenes. Galaxy-sized thanks to Katie Deutsch, Aldan Mackey, Carly Robins, Kadine Anckle, Jen Gsell, Ben Toht… and to everyone who lent us props! Can’t wait... Read the Rest →



This past spring I was very honored to be selected out of hundreds of submissions to be one of six authors (including New York Times’ best sellers Laura Schroff and Jarrett J. Krosoczka) featured in the Authors Circle at the annual Scribbles to Novels Gala in NYC. I got to sign over a hundred books for the guests and enjoy presentations by host Bridget Moynahan and the head of the JUMPSTART organization itself. JUMPSTART is the only national supplemental program that leverages the power of community and adult-child relationships to build the... Read the Rest →



Are you a fan of the acclaimed, Emmy-winning Netflix series “Orange Is the New Black?” OF COURSE YOU ARE (assuming you’re old enough to be watching that show. It’s a smidge or ten racier than my books, so proceed with caution). Anyway, take a close look in Episode Two of Season One, and you’ll see inmate Red (Kate Mulgrew) reading Freshman Year and Other Unnatural Disasters while another inmate shaves her legs for her. I mean, that’s pretty darn cool, right??? Check out this BLOG all about the books featured on the show, and... Read the Rest →