SY in Seventeen Magazine’s Spring 2015 Entertainment Guide!!!

When I was a tween, Seventeen magazine was the resource for what was cool, period. If you didn’t have a subscription, you might as well just resign yourself to obscurity. There was no internet in those dark days, remember – there was MTV, your friends at school (tastemakers, to be sure), and Seventeen. Every month, locker collages would be updated with pages from the latest issue, hour-long phone calls would be placed to discuss the newest trends, and the results of love quizzes would be painstakingly considered during lunch at school. I anticipated the arrival of new issues with a mix of glee and anxiety – the latter because, with a name at the very end of the alphabet, I always got mine after pretty much everyone else and felt VERY behind until I had that magazine in my hands.

I always read it sprawled on the floor of my bedroom, which was covered in pale pink shag carpeting. Cover to cover, dog-earing important pages to go back to later. It was a ritual, and I loved it.

And now… a book I wrote is featured within the pages of that same magazine. !!!!!!!!!!!!! Talk about coming full circle, right? I am so honored and excited, and I’m going to find some pale pink shag carpeting somewhere to lie on when I get my print copy in April. So help me, I WILL FIND SOME.

Check it out: 17 Things to See, Read, and Do: Spring 2015

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